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Do you know how much you are really paying your staff?

It’s probably a lot more than you think. Perhaps as much as 60% more than our virtual office solution! UK office executives command an average salary of £27,000* - but of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Factor in UK national insurance, training, pension, and other benefits – not to mention employer’s costs – and you soon have something closer to £43,200! And that’s before you’ve even thought about office space, office facilities and office equipment. And then there’s annual leave, sickness and other absence…

Whereas…using our virtual office solution for 20 hours a week could cost as little as £26,000.

And that’s it. Absolutely no other costs. A straightforward solution.

The big difference is that, with our virtual service, you only pay for the actual time you need, when you need it. No lunch hours, no chats by the water cooler, no Facebook. With PA Virtual Services, you get exactly what you pay for – a professional, efficient and reliable solution to your administrative requirements.

Our virtual office provides the ideal solution, UK or worldwide.

Contact us today to find out how we can save you real time and money.

*UK National Salary Data

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